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Didcot Garden Town

Didcot's masterplan and delivery plan lays out a vision for a more sustainable town with better connections, plenty of safe cycle routes and a new leisure centre.
Didcot Garden Town aerial view, showing housing developments and green countryside

Didcot won its garden town status in 2015.  The next step on Didcot’s journey towards sustainability was to produce and adopt a masterplan and delivery plan following several months of lively community engagement.  The Didcot Garden Town Delivery Plan was duly adopted as a council strategic document in October 2017 and we are now working hard to realise the vision, aspiration and projects outlined in the masterplan.


A vision for a confident and innovative town

The town centre will be better connected.  It will have safe cycle routes to key locations, including Harwell Campus, Mowbray Fields nature reserve, Didcot Parkway railway station, the allotments and Culham.  Shoppers can look forward to the £50 million expansion of the Orchard Centre and, as part of the cultural spine, street improvements to Broadway, including space for a market and open-air events.

On the Gateway site opposite the railway station, there will be a mix of affordable and private rented housing with shops and places to eat and drink.  And there are plans for new businesses and homes on the Rich’s Sidings site.  There’s even potential to redevelop the existing railway station whilst, at the same time, look at the feasibility to move the station in the long-term.

Infrastructure for a thriving community

A growing town needs the infrastructure to support it, including a new road from the railway station to the Harwell Science Campus.  An improved road system around Didcot will link the A34 Milton Interchange via a new bridge, to the main roads east of the town, reducing traffic in the town centre.

Technology will ease traffic flows when the next generation of traffic lights can talk to each other and respond to approaching emergency vehicles.  Autonomous public transport vehicles also play a part and will help with the cost of public transport. These developments will make the commute to and from work even easier for residents and businesses.

The delivery plan also includes recommendations for new schools, health centres and other services.  It gives residents an exciting glimpse into the potential of Didcot Garden Town.

What will the Didcot of the future be like?
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