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Be in the know – 20 must follow feeds in the world of science

8 February 2018
Whether you’re after scientific research facts, local events, or looking for fun, educational videos to help your child enjoy the wonders of space, then search no more. Our list of the top 20 science social media and websites will suit all tastes and levels. From serious science facts and stunning photography, to stimulating videos and slightly wacky stories, we’re sure there will be something here for experts, parents and children [...]

Sunny-side up – new funding brings next generation nuclear fusion closer

8 February 2018
For more than 40 years, international scientists and engineers have strived to find ways to generate and harness nuclear fusion, the process that fuels the Sun, to run tomorrow’s power stations.  Now the country’s leading fusion experts are poised to take centre stage in driving this renewable, clean energy forward, following a £86 million government investment in new facilities. Known as the National Fusion Technology [...]

Q & A with Jonathan Finnerty of Green Unit Ltd

8 February 2018
Jonathan Finnerty started Green Unit in 2012 with Philip Clayden a furniture designer.  The company manufactures beautifully designed, sustainable buildings which have a wide range of uses including homes, offices, schools, community buildings and even visitor and healthcare centres.  Currently based in the Culham area of Science Vale, the company has successfully prototyped and sold buildings to early adopters and will soon [...]

Realising common solutions – how robotics and driverless technology will bring wider benefits to business

8 February 2018
“Money… is none of the wheels of trade: it is the oil which renders the motion of the wheels more smooth and easy,” David Hume, Essays: Moral and Political (1741-2) ‘Of Money’. Whether you’re a start-up or a 250-year-old company, cash will always be king, but perhaps if David Hume was alive today he would say collaboration and technology are also essential to oil the wheels. Science Vale UK, in South Oxfordshire, is [...]

Be the future – 10 exciting companies in Science Vale

13 December 2017
Who is leading the race into space, discovering life-changing medicine or developing new technology for driverless vehicles? Find out and be inspired by this top 10 guide to the most ambitious start-ups, global leaders and award-winning companies based in the life science, space and medical innovation hubs at Science Vale. Open Cosmos Ltd. As more companies consider low orbit earth space missions to collect telecoms data, fly optical [...]
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