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Science Vale firms surge ahead to drive battery technology forward

13 December 2017
“Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” - Edward N. Lorenz Edward Lorenz’s idea that small events, like the flap of a butterfly’s wing may have large effects, might just give a clue to how science could crack a global problem.  Could it be that one small technological change holds the key to resolving our energy crisis and finally cuts us free from our reliance on fossil fuels? This is [...]

Milton Park based Isansys travels with NASA to Antarctica

12 December 2017
A NASA exploration scientist was monitored on his recent mission to Antarctica by Isansys’ Patient Status Engine, a physiological data collection platform that monitors individuals wirelessly and in real-time.  NASA are evaluating the tool to learn how to monitor explorers as they travel into space. Dr Erik Antonsen, the Exploration Medical Capability Element Scientist, performed a range of experiments including the evaluation of the [...]

Q&A with Navtech Radar founder, Philip Avery

12 December 2017
Science Vale based company Navtech Radar, is a designer and manufacturer of commercial, deployable radar solutions.  A multi-award winning company, they have won the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) 2017 Innovation Awards and were highly commended for the Best Use of Technology in the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards. Their founder and Managing Director, Philip Avery, shares some of their projects and challenges, [...]

Future technology already in Didcot Garden Town’s sights

5 October 2017
At a recent TransforMOTION event, held in London, John Cotton, leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, presented a futuristic vision alongside exhibits of Bosch UK’s latest innovations such as e-bikes, autonomous vehicles and pods. This coincided with the council’s launch of ‘Be in Science Vale’, a global campaign to highlight how being based in the area can bring benefits to space, life science and advanced engineering [...]

What make a great science park?

5 October 2017
There are many advantages to basing your business on a science park.  Companies in similar fields can cluster and collaborate, creating an environment for innovative, often pioneering, research and development.  But what separates a good science park from a great one? Many science parks offer good transport links and come equipped with high-tech office and laboratory facilities, warehousing and [...]
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