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Marriott Hotel

Science Vale UK – opening doors to growth and investment

31 August 2017
Science Vale UK’s prime location in Southern Oxfordshire and enterprise zone status is continuing to secure new commercial development as well as unlocking opportunities for thriving businesses and communities. Businesses choose to move or expand in Science Vale because it gives them something they can’t get elsewhere: knowledge, expertise, skills, big-science research facilities and a plentiful supply of versatile, high spec [...]

Immunocore expansion in Science Vale UK

31 August 2017
Science Vale UK with its concentration of science research and development facilities is home to companies at the cutting edge of life sciences, space technology, robotics, electronics and advanced engineering. The region is growing fast as companies such as Immunocore Ltd - one of the world’s leading independent biotechnology companies, take advantage of enterprise zone benefits that are helping businesses expand or relocate [...]
Tokamak Energy reactor

Is this the future of clean energy?

31 August 2017
With the recent announcement that the government plans to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040, cleaner energy is never far from the news.  The technology to help us meet demand for clean energy is one of the greatest challenges facing the world.  One company based in Science Vale, Tokamak Energy Ltd has chosen to accept this challenge and aims to provide the world with a clean and reliable source of energy [...]

Science Vale UK surpasses the rest of the Thames Valley

21 August 2017
Science Vale UK and Oxford are outperforming other locations in the Thames Valley for new businesses moving into the area according to an independent report. Throughout last year and the first quarter of this year, Science Vale UK covering Culham, Milton Park and Harwell Campus, proved very popular for the life sciences and space technology sectors within Lambert Smith Hampton’s 2017 Thames Valley Office Market Report. According to [...]

Join the Biotech Unicorn Company’s in Oxfordshire’s Science Vale

11 July 2017
Science Vale UK has been recognised for many years as the home of scientific research into space and energy. In recent years a new Life Science hotspot has been created from Oxford University spin-out companies and new start-ups, attracted by world class research facilities and the lifestyle of the region. A recent article on “The Top 10 Biotech’s Brewing at Oxford” highlights just how important a location Science [...]
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