Is this the future of clean energy?

With the recent announcement that the government plans to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040, cleaner energy is never far from the news.  The technology to help us meet demand for clean energy is one of the greatest challenges facing the world.  One company based in Science Vale, Tokamak Energy Ltd has chosen to accept this challenge and aims to provide the world with a clean and reliable source of energy through fusion by 2030. 

Fusion –  the same energy that powers our sun – is globally accepted as the best way to generate plentiful, safe, secure and clean energy.  Tokamak Energy Ltd is focused on commercialising fusion by building mini reactors called tokamaks that replicate the process that powers the Sun.  Yet there are many complex engineering obstacles that need to be overcome for demonstration and commercialisation of this technology.  Tokamak’s team of world-class fusion scientists and magnet engineers is tackling these challenges to develop efficient and affordable fusion power.  Its unique approach is centred on rapid innovation using the latest materials and technology – building on decades of scientific research and experience.  They hope this strategy will gives them – and the world – a faster way to fusion.

Tokamak Energy Ltd began their work at Culham Laboratory located in the heart of Science Vale which has one of the highest concentration of science research and development facilities in Western Europe.  Now their ‘faster way to fusion’ mission has further expanded into a state-of-the-art engineering centre located at the Milton Park scientific hub in Science Vale.  

Tokamak Energy Ltd is just one of the many success stories of Science Vale, which continues to attract some of the biggest names in science down to the smaller innovators.

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