Join the Biotech Unicorn Company’s in Oxfordshire’s Science Vale

Science Vale UK has been recognised for many years as the home of scientific research into space and energy. In recent years a new Life Science hotspot has been created from Oxford University spin-out companies and new start-ups, attracted by world class research facilities and the lifestyle of the region.

A recent article on “The Top 10 Biotech’s Brewing at Oxford” highlights just how important a location Science Vale UK is becoming for this industry. Five of the top 10 companies are based here at Milton Park and the Harwell Campus Enterprise Zones. These include the biotech unicorn business of Immunocore, one of the world’s leading T cell receptor (TCR) companies. They are developing biological drugs to treat cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.

The Biotech cluster companies featured by within Science Vale are:
• Oxitec (Milton Park)
• Immunocore (Milton Park)
• PSiOxus (Milton Park)
• Karus Therapeutics (Harwell Campus)
• Adaptimmune (Milton Park)

Science Vale UK is a region in Southern Oxfordshire, home to the UK Space Gateway, the European fusion research programme (JET), leading artificial intelligence and robotics research and a cutting edge Bio, Medical and Life Science sector. Within our business parks and Enterprise Zones, we’re creating environments in which science and technology businesses of all sizes can flourish.

The region has two Enterprise Zones worth up to £55,000 per year for 5 years to qualifying UK and international companies moving here. Administered by the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire District Councils we plan to grow Science Vale jobs by 20,000 and homes by 15,000 by 2031.

For more information on the regions relocation opportunities call the Enterprise Zone team on 01235 422343.