What make a great science park?

There are many advantages to basing your business on a science park.  Companies in similar fields can cluster and collaborate, creating an environment for innovative, often pioneering, research and development.  But what separates a good science park from a great one?

Many science parks offer good transport links and come equipped with high-tech office and laboratory facilities, warehousing and round-the-clock security.  Easy access to the academic world and university talent may also be available at some business parks.

But when it comes to location, not many science parks can compete with those found in Science Vale UK.  Establishing your business close to Oxford University, the best in the world*, gives easy access to a stream of highly employable academic staff and research equipment which is a huge advantage.  Many start-ups use the business park incubators here, which offer mentoring, office space, networking and collaborative help.

With an outstanding pedigree in global research and innovation, the region is home to a range of unique science parks housing some of the world’s cutting edge companies such as Williams Advanced Engineering of Formula 1 Williams team fame and Immunocore, the world’s leading T cell receptor (TCR) company.  Diamond Light Source, ISIS Pulsed Neutron Source and MAST are just some of the many internationally important research and testing facilities found here.

Culham, Harwell and Milton Park are the three principle science parks within Science Vale UK.  Under development is the Didcot Growth Accelerator Enterprise Zone bringing a further five science parks forward in the next 15 years.

Culham Science Centre balances research, academia and real-world application beautifully.  Here, you’ll find start-ups sitting next to major international commercial-technology businesses such as Reaction Engines; the world-leading fusion power Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) project and the Joint European Torus (JET), alongside a robotics cluster working on challenging environment solutions and robotic autonomous systems.

Milton Park has many spin-out companies commercialising life-science research outcomes from the nearby universities, including NASDAQ listed companies.  There’s over 9,000 people working in 250 dynamic businesses across a range of sectors here, plus a building programme enabling speedy company relocation.  Grade A office and high-tech laboratory space, currently being built on Park Drive East, will be ready for occupation from early 2018.

Harwell’s 710-acre site is home to over £1 billion of research infrastructure.  Innovation has reigned for over 60 years and Harwell now has over 5,500 people working in healthcare, medical devices, space, detector systems, computing, green enterprise and new materials.  It’s a vibrant, fast-growing community that’s spawned some of the planet’s most innovative thinking.  Under construction currently, their new Zephyr building will have office suites as shells for bespoke fit out or pre-fitted to the occupier’s requirement.

Science Vale UK enterprise zones offer a blend of financial incentives and simplified planning arrangements to help companies grow.  The region is where work space and home is being developed closer together and linked with more sustainable and faster travel routes to science parks.

Nowhere can compete with the vision for creating a thriving and welcoming place in which to enjoy a well balanced family and work life.  Base your business in one of our science parks and you could swap long commutes for a leisurely walk or cycle to work.

*According to the Times Higher Education Supplement 2017, Oxford University was rated the best in the world.